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What exactly is Voip Telecoms?

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What is VoIP? – Voip Telecoms

VoIP Telecoms lets you make and receive calls through an existing internet connection, rather than the traditional copper wires of the PSTN.

VoIP allows you to make low cost telephone calls and receive calls through a range of newer and more flexible ways, through a telephone system that uses just your internet connection.

It achieves this by converting the voice signal from an ordinary phone into a digital signal, which travels over the internet, and then converts it back.

Unlike traditional legacy based telephone systems that are run through the PSTNs copper wires, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) runs through your existing internet and requires no onsite equipment.

Ring any telephone or mobile in the world and receive calls from any phone in the world, just like you would with a traditional fixed line – the equipment or network being used by the other person is of no relevance.

More features and functionalities; less hassle and cost

All the hardware and infrastructure is hosted by the VoIP provider in secure data centres. Getting started is quick and straightforward; simply choose your desired telephone number(s) from any area code, or port any existing numbers you wish to keep.

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VoIP is future proof modern technology.

Thereafter, your entire service is easily setup, configured and managed in your secure online dashboard where you can change number routing and phone configuration, access and manage voicemail, set up features and much more.

Key points and benefits

  • Gain instant access to quality business grade calling features
  • Reduce your operating costs, call costs and overheads
  • Get started quickly with little to no capital outlay
  • Manage your entire service and number configuration online
  • Make and receive calls from anywhere with the internet – or forward to any mobile or landline
  • Handle calls through a VoIP phone, your mobile or PC/Mac

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